At Santeon we focus first and foremost on achieving (and exceeding) our published service level agreement (SLA) goals for each and every client. We believe in the old quality adage, “Say what you do, and do what you say.” Setting a high bar for ourselves and then delivering on it, is the surest way to keep our clients satisfied.

    We strive for 100 percent client retention. Although that isn’t always possible, maintaining the goal of 100 percent retention means that we will not take any client’s business for granted.

    Referrals from happy partners and clients are important to us. Our success comes from consistently delivering the high level of service that translates into delighted customers.

  • Challenge:

    The client needed mission critical, scalable and secure software infrastructure that was capable of providing customers with convenient and secure payment channels to pay for bills and recharge mobile phones anytime and anywhere, available 24/7 through banks and a network of nationwide retailers. Pressure of being first to market to minimize loss of opportunity was also critical.

    Major components of the project:

    Ability to conduct high volume transaction securely and efficiently

    Ability to reconcile and match each user’s bills, payments and accounts accurately

    Ability to scale the system as needed for growth


    Designed and implemented 100% of the in-use system

    Collaborated with client’s in-house teams to ensure proper standards and quality of design

    Deployed Automated Clearing House system (ACH) that proved to be effective, secure and reliable

    Delivery was complete in 6 months


    The client is dominant in its desired market

    The client received $6 million dollars from World Bank to continue growth and expansion

    The system was easily adopted into the client’s overall infrastructure

    Achieved reliability, scalability and security

  • Challenge:

    The client, DHL, sought to showcase corporate social responsibility and increase client engagement through environmental awareness online campaign. Unsure where to begin, DHL turned to Santeon.


    Designed an interactive online game where the public, specifically the clients, were able to choose a combination of factors such as routes, sources, and other delivery package components with the goal of choosing the ultimate combination with the least CO2 emissions.

    Collected real world data via hardware and software installed in DHL trucks to collect driving behavior data that would be calculated into the carbon footprint of each truck, and ultimately DHL as a whole.

    Provided strategy for program management and collaboration between the business and IT players that resulted in a unique and appealing product for both the company and its clients

    Delivered an innovative product that had measurable and impactful applications and is still in use today.


    DHL is seen as a company that takes its social responsibility seriously by implementing innovative programs that engage their clients and their workers

    The component of the project that measures carbon emission in each truck is not only unique but will have an impact that is bigger than one company.

  • Problem:

    Caldwell Banker Middle East had an unmet need for a management system that would provide client information, list available inventory—and the ability to sort, match and pull reports based on inventory—in real time through a user friendly interface. The implementation of the system would result in improved efficiency of processes, superior customer service, and higher levels of ROI. Prior to Santeon’s partnership with Coldwell Banker, Coldwell Banker had engaged two previous vendors to create a software system that met functional requirements, but failed to meet end users’ (the agents) needs. Essentially, prior to Santeon’s value drive proposition, no value was produced as none of the agents adopted the new systems.


    Focused on understanding the needs of the user was essential in producing tangible business value to Coldwell Banker

    Engaged the agents early and often at each iteration of the software, breaking down the initial resistance and earning trust by producing workable software at quick release intervals.

    Santeon’s agile anchored processes allowed for the users to make multiple changes at each stage while building upon the software, resulting in a product that met user requirements, exceeded expectations and universally adopted by all Coldwell Bank agents.


    By creating software that met user mission critical requirements, Santeon transformed CB from a simple fragmented collection of agents to a sophisticated modern company that was able to meet customer demands quickly.

    CB was able to increase revenue through efficiency and better customer response time. The automatic matching of needs to inventory component of the systems developed by Santeon allowed for faster completion of sales, purchases, and overall customer satisfaction

    Reporting capabilities of Santeon built software are crucial for CB’s development of competitive advantage in the international marketplace. Detailed reports that would include inventory, locations, and sale information will reveal trends in the marketplace that upon complete analysis would enable CB agents to make intelligent decisions based on future goals.

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